VIPER SLIM Cocobolo Holz Damastmesser Mini Taschenmesser Gentleman knife Framelock Tecnocut Italy

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VIPER SLIM Damastmesser Cocobolo Holz

Super Stainless Compact Twist Damascus

Ein besonderes Schmuckstück aus Italien

  • Klingenlänge: 6,5 cm
  • Schneidenlänge: 4,5 cm
  • Gesamtlänge: 12,2 cm
  • Gewicht: 30 g

* Klinge: 364 Lagen super stainless compact Twist Damaststahl

* Arretierung: Framelock

* Beschalung: Cocobolo Holz

* Zubehör: Viper Holzbox + Zertifikat

* individuelle Seriennummer: 986

VIPER SLIM Cocobolo Holz Mini Damastmesser - Gentleman knife - Volldamastmesser

Klinge und Heft sind zur Gänze aus 364 Lagen Super Stainless Compact Twist (SSCT - rostfreier, pulvermetallurgischer Damaststahl) gefertigt. Die filigranen Holzteile sind aus rotbraunem CocoboloHolz. Die Klingenarretierung durch Framelock (den im Heft mittig liegenden Liner) verhindert unbeabsichtigtes Lösen der Klinge. Die Spear-Point-Klinge verleiht ausgezeichnete Kontrollierbarkeit und eine starke Spitze. Rückseite mit rostfreiem Taschenclip. Die Lieferung erfolgt in einer schönen Holzbox mit eingelegtem Viper-Logo (Intarsien - Holzeinlegearbeit). Hergestellt in Italien.

VIPER SLIM damascus knife

At a glance this mini pocket frame-lock could be mistaken for a jewel rather than a knife. In truth the many handle variants that can be made of the finest woods, African ox horn and silver 825 can give that impression. Though it is sufficient to handle the Slim for few minutes to figure out that, although it is small and light, this is a blade that gives great satisfaction to all purposes. Many amongst Viper knives clients have chosen the tiny Slim for daily use, overwhelmed by its handiness, the sophisticated design and the limited dimensions, which hardly will be seen as a legal issue for the authorities. The Damascus versions give that even greater stylish and refinement touch that will make it a must-have accessory.

Blade: spear point, SSCT damascus steel.

Lock mechanism: SSCT damascus steel, locking frame.

Frame onlay: fine woods, natural materials.

Fasteners: AISI 303/304 stainless steel Torx screws.

Pivot screw: AISI 303/304 stainless steel custom designed screw with same inlay material as handle onlay.

Clip: AISI 420 stainless steel.

Package: damascus series come with hand crafted wood or burl wood case with inlaid work.

All Damascus Slim knives are serialized and come with guarantee certificate.